Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bevin’s first MTX injection

After a lot of confusion, a ton of phone calls and a lot of help from Bevin’s pediatrician, today we had our appointment to learn how to administer Bevin's shots and give her the first one.

Bevin coloring while she waits

When we first got called back it was a little scary because we were taken into the room where they actually administer chemo and infusions.  The nurse first had us practice on a foam pillow a few times and then went over where we should and shouldn’t give the shot (location in the house), where to give the shot to Bevin and what to do after we administer the shot (disposing of the needle). 

Rich practicing on the pillow

After we each practiced a few times it was time to actually give Bevin the shot.  I held her while Rich did the “dirty” work.  She actually handled it very well; she did cry, but I think it was more because I was holding her so she couldn’t move than the shot itself.  When she calmed down and we were getting ready to start cleaning up to go we noticed the nurse had brought us a band-aid…she cried MUCH harder at the fact we put a band-aid on her than for the shot.

So Bevin will now officially get her shots every Thursday and we will see how it goes...I really hope this helps her…

After her shot

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  1. Awe...she is so adorable Nicole. I'm glad it went well.