Friday, January 21, 2011

Dentist Office Breakdown

This morning I had to take Bevin into the dentist to have her chipped tooth looked at and see if they could smooth it out.  Because the dentist office may have to put you out, give pain meds, etc they have to have a record of medical conditions and meds the patients are taking.  The last time Bevin was at the dentist was in August of last year, she hadn’t been diagnosed with JRA yet.

So today while the dentist was going over what they were going to do to smooth out her tooth, they were looking at her record and said “no medical conditions, right?”; of course now I have to say yes to that question.  I told them actually she does have a medical condition; she was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis in November.  The dentist asked if she was taking anything, again I now have to say yes to this question.  I told her yes and let her know she is on twice daily Naproxen at 4ml and yesterday she started Methotrexate shots once a week. 

I don’t know what it was about having to tell the dentist that, but I just broke down.  I was completely calm yesterday when she had to have her first injection, but telling the dentist about it just pushed me over the edge.

The dentist, who has a daughter a little younger than Bev and is pregnant with a son and due soon, was so sweet and told me how sorry she was and patted my leg.

I guess you never really know when that’s going to sneak up on you…


  1. Oh, I am so sorry!! Sometimes when we hold things in, it comes out when we least expect it :-( It sounds like she was super understanding though! I hope everything went well at the dentist.

  2. Dearest Nicole. Although are situations are quite different I can definitely sympathize with that feeling. It's the telling people who don't know that is the worst, it happened to me with my hairdresser, of all people. Good thing is, it's completely normal and everyone will understand. I hope you and your family have a peaceful weekend, I know it's been one tough week for all of you!

  3. It sucks, doesn't it? I've been dealing with this since January of 2008 and I STILL have those moments. I never really know when it's coming. Sometimes I'm really good at being able to tell people that don't know. Other times... not so much. People will understand. Especially with a new diagnosis. It can take a while to get a handle on it. I bring tissues everywhere we go :)