Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emergency Room Visit

This past Monday night was a very eventful night for us…

I came home from work and picking up the kids and Rich was in our bathroom installing a new shower head.  I told Hayden to go to his room and take off his shoes and jacket and I picked up Bev and we headed to our room to see how Rich was doing.  I walked in and because I don’t make it a habit to look at the floor of my house (since I can get around pretty well by now) when walking, I didn’t see Hayden laying sprawled out on our floor (I was holding Bev high up and couldn’t see below her).  I tripped over Hayden and fell and on the way down Bev fell out of my arms and landed in an awkward position on her head/neck.

We immediately freaked out thinking she broke her neck, luckily that wasn’t the case.  But her cry was not her usually Diva cry, but more of a lazy cry and she started to fall asleep immediately.  We hopped in the car, dropped Hayden off with my parents and headed to the emergency room.  I had to keep her awake the whole way to the ER.  After we got there and she’d been seen by the doctor, he let us know normally he would do a CT scan, but he was reluctant to give that much radiation to someone who wasn’t even two.  So instead he decided he wanted to evaluate her for 3-4 hours.  We told him it was now past her bed time and mixed with the head trauma and being tired, we wouldn’t be able to keep her awake, he said that was fine, he would come wake her every hour.  She screamed bloody murder while Rich rubbed her back till she fell asleep on the bed out in the ER hallway.  At this point while the doctor was looking her over we also saw she chipped one of her front teeth pretty good and the way it broke off left the tooth rather sharp.

She FINALLY fell asleep!

Apx an hour later the doctor came back and attempted to wake her with no luck, Rich and I tried to wake her, no luck.  The doctor asked Rich to pick her up and finally she started to stir and open her eyes.  Within seconds she was falling back asleep.  We let him know that she has NEVER been this hard to wake up; with that information the doctor decided it was best to do a CT scan.  So the nurses walked us to the CT scan area and took Bev behind closed doors (so they were the bad guys and we could “rescue” her when it was over) and did the CT scan.  As soon as we were taken back to her hallway bed she was back to her old self!  Climbing all over the bed, making Rich walk up and down the hallway with her, entertaining other patients as well as the security guards and even coloring in the coloring book a security guard gave her.  Maybe all she needed was a little radiation?
Bevin and daddy walking up and down the ER

Bev’s beautiful artwork J

The doctor confirmed her CT scan was clean (which at this point we could’ve guessed) letting us know it was a mild concussion and sent us on our way with instructions to wake her every 2 hours for the first night.  The next day I stayed home with her (as we didn’t get home until 10:30) and she slept a good portion of the day, but all is good.  Friday we go to the dentist to see about getting that tooth filed down.

Tomorrow at 1:30pm we go in to be taught how to administer her MTX injection…

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