Friday, January 7, 2011

First Labs

Well today Bevin went in for her first lab and urine tests…let’s just say that was a treat. Apparently the lab doesn’t carry the pediatric urinalysis bags and the Doctor who ordered the labs was supposed to provide us with one to take home…which he did not.  Luckily the lab tech that was waiting on us was very sweet and called down to the pediatric department and was able to get a nurse to assist.  So Bevin and I trooped down to the pediatric department and a nurse taped the urine bag on and kindly cut a hole in her diaper so I would be able to see when she peed.   

Then I got to carry her, pantless, back to the lab so they could proceed to poke her with needles.  Bevin’s hands were extremely cold so they tried to warm her up with hand warmers, which she wanted nothing to do with.  Because of that it took awhile to get all the blood they needed and she SCREAMED the entire time, it took two lab techs and me to keep her still.

They had hoped that she would pee while having her blood drawn, unfortunately that didn’t happen so they provided me with a specimen cup and sent us on our way.  As we walked out the door Bevin said “bye bye” to everyone, she couldn’t wait to leave.  As soon as we got home I took off her pants so I could keep an eye on the bag and would know as soon as she peed.  As soon as the pants were off I saw that the bag was full!  She really does do things on her own terms.  So we put the bag in the specimen cup and headed back to Kaiser to drop it off.  Luckily Kaiser is right around the corner.

Majority of the results won’t be back until Monday, but so far the urinalysis came back and everything was normal, which is good signs for no side effects from the Naproxen.  She also got her Sed Rate back which was at 30, which is down from her first Sed Rate of 38.  So that is good news as it means the inflammation has gone down.

And now I am looking forward to the weekend and a much needed girl’s night with a good friend.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Bevin looks like such a fun/funny little girl!!! It is a good thing the doctor is so close!! Have a great weekend :-)

  2. I have never heard of these urine bags! Wish I had known of these when my kids were little! Or littler :p At any rate, so glad to here that her sed rate has gone down and urinalysis is normal.

  3. I'm with Amy- I wish that I'd known about those bags. That's awesome! I'm happy that her SED rate is down, too! Ask your doc for Emla cream (lidocaine) for lab work. It does a great job of numbing the area so that it doesn't hurt your lil' girl. We use it for injections, IV's, labs, etc. It's still traumatic having labs done, but not nearly as much as it is without using it!

  4. She is such a cutie! Good news about the sed rate and UA! We also use the EMLA cream when Ayla has labs drawn, it helps, I know she doesn't feel it BUT we still have to hold her down :( Hope you have a great week!!

  5. What a beautiful little girl! I have been trying to collect a urine sample from my 20 month old daughter without any success. The bag is so uncomfortable in her diaper and she is always trying to get it out. In desperation I googled "pediatric urine bag" and found this adorable photo of your Cutie. That is a great tip about poking a hole in the diaper. Thank you for sharing hopefully I will be able to collect it now.