Saturday, January 29, 2011

Injection #2 and the ear infection

Well Thursday night was Bevin’s 2nd injection and I decided I would give it to her.  We planned to feed her dinner and then while getting her ready for bed I would give her the shot.  Well during dinner she went into melt down mode so Rich started getting her ready for bed while I got everything ready for the injection.

Getting ready to give Bev the shot

Putting the band-aid on

Daddy holding Bev

Bev falling asleep after her shot

I managed to suck it up and give her the injection and then she wanted Daddy to hold her and was asleep within minutes.  We have noticed the past few days she seemed to be walking better.  She still has the limp, but it didn’t seem quite as bad and she seemed to loosen up a little quicker in the mornings.

Friday afternoon I met with the Sacramento Region Arthritis Foundation and am so happy I did.  Eric and Kelly were great and we will get to include Bevin’s picture and story on some things for the walk.  This makes me look forward to May 14th even more!  I did find out however that Bevin’s Rheumatologist was the only Pediatric Rheumatologist in the Northern California area…I didn’t know this.  I thought he was just the only one for the Kaiser in Northern California.  Apparently there are some states that don’t even have a Pediatric Rheumatologist.  This makes me very glad Kaiser plans on replacing Sr. Stobie with 2 Pediatric Rheumatologists.

I also received an e-mail from Bev’s pediatrician letting me know that Dr. Stobie had officially retired and they have currently only filled one of the two positions for his replacements.  The one position they filled will not be filled until August…they are still waiting to offer the other opening.  Until then we will get to keep seeing Bevin’s pediatrician until a new pediatric Rheumatologist starts.  In the e-mail her pediatrician said he wanted to see her within the first month of February so we called to make the appointment and were able to get in the same day. 

It ended up being a little earlier than her pediatrician wanted to see her to follow up on her MTX, but it ended up being a good thing we went in.  Bevin had a fever and an ear infection so she had Amoxicillin added to her little drug cocktail.  Her pediatrician also noticed she seemed to be walking better…so I really think that’s a good sign to tell us the MTX is helping her!  Fingers crossed…

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