Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Bevin!

Yesterday, the 24th, was little Miss Bevin’s 2nd birthday!  Unfortunately it was also Thursday which means shot day.  So we got her all prepped and gave her the shot (which as soon as she saw the sharps container she started crying) and then calmed her down with a cupcake and her presents J  It’s hard to believe my baby girl is already 2 years old!  We had a birthday party planned for her for tomorrow, the 26th, but with everything going on with my grandparents we cancelled it, so we did a small birthday thing for her last night.

Opening her presents
Bev and Hayden dancing with the Mickey Bev got from Grandma and Grandpa
All the shoes she got for her birthday (the kids LOVES shoes)

I took another load of recyclables in; 9 bags of glass and 1 bag of cans for a total of $25.11.  So far we have collected $113.47 in recyclables!  There was a woman in line ahead of me turning in her recyclables as well and she saw my “Recycle to Support Bevin” sign in my jeep and asked about it.  She told me she has arthritis as well; she asked if we had a website and I gave her the link.  This morning we received a $20 donation from a person named Maria who we don’t know, so I assume that was her and I just want to say I really appreciate how kind a stranger could be.  We have received SO much support!

An update on my grandparents…Omi is still on the ventilator, it’s been a week now…she has good days and bad, but it’d be nice if we could get a “game plan” from the doctors…it’s scary just waiting.  Opa also has good days and bad…today was one of the bad.  When my mom went to check on him this morning he was laying on the floor in front of his chair…he had fallen and he doesn’t know how long he was laying there.  We’re going to see if we can get his doctor to put in an order for in-home care so someone will be there with him.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Week

Well last night’s MTX injection did not go well…We got her all prepped and when Rich injected it the needle jammed and he couldn’t inject the MTX.  We had to grab a second needle and give her the injection as fast as we could.  It was not a happy night in our house last night.

Last Friday Bevin had more lab work done and her numbers are looking better.  Her platelets have finally come down and are in the normal range.  For whatever reason her Sed Rate wasn’t tested so I’m not sure if that’s come down or not as her knee is still swollen.

I took the second load of recyclables in today as they were already overflowing the garage again (thank you to all the people who have donated their recyclables!).  We had 7 bags of plastic, 3 bags of glass and one HUGE bag of cans getting us a total donation of $50.54 which was GREAT!  The total donations from the recycling are $88.36.

The kids wanted to help with the recyclables

On a side note, I had mentioned last week that my grandpa, Opa, was taken to the hospital.  He was released yesterday, it’s really good to have him home, but he’s still not doing so well.  Opa has COPD and Emphysema; he originally went to the hospital and was diagnosed with it the week Hayden was born.  The day after Opa went to the hospital, Omi (my grandma) was taken to the hospital as well due to a mild heart attack.  They were in two different hospitals, so all week my family and I have been going back and forth across town to check on them (I was at work a total of 12 hours this week).  On Tuesday Omi had an angiogram and they found all of her arties are blocked so she will be having a triple bypass surgery today; she should actually be going into surgery as I type this. 
Hayden with his Opa

Omi, Bevin and my mom

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Busy Week

Bevin has had a rough few days…she seemed to be doing better after starting the MTX, but as of Tuesday she seemed to regress.  She kept telling me “hurts hurts” and was severely favoring her right leg.  When I asked her what hurt she pointed to her right knee and said “knee”. 

She got her 4th MTX injection last night and today we went in for her labs as it’s been 4 weeks on the MTX.  Her platelets have gone down and are currently in the normal range, but now her red blood cell (RBC) is elevated.  Not extremely elevated, but elevated none the less.  Her Sed Rate results haven’t come thru yet.

This morning my grandpa, Opa, also had to go back to the ER; his third trip in 1 year.  He’s been admitted and put in a room, just waiting to hear what the doctors say.  Let’s just say it’s been a busy week…

On the upside, I took the first load of recyclables in today and the first donation from the Recycle-A-Thon is $37.82!
8 bags of plastic bottles, 1 bag of glass bottles and 1 bag of cans
A homeless person’s fantasy

Bevin’s Arthritis Walk posters from the Arthritis Foundation

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let the Recycling begin!

To help raise money for Run Bubbas Run (Bevin's Arthritis Walk Team) and the Arthritis Foundation we have started a Recycle-A-Thon which a friend of mine has named Bottles for Bevin. 

We have asked local businesses to put recycle bins up and collect recyclables from now until April 30th.  All money collected from the recyclables will be donated to Bevin’s Arthritis Walk Team and go to support the Arthritis Foundation in finding a cure for Arthritis.

So far we have 5 businesses, my son’s preschool and the city hall of the city we live in who have all agreed to let us put bins up.  A friend of mine also got a local wine tasting venue to agree to save all of their bottles.  People in our neighborhood have also started helping, in fact our next door neighbors brought over a whole garbage can full of bottles!

If anyone else would like to participate, please do!  We will be collecting and sorting the recyclables from all the businesses and turning them in ourselves, but if you want to collect them on your own and turn them in you can donate the money online  to Bevin’s walk team at:

Hayden standing in front of the recycle bin at his preschool