Friday, February 11, 2011

A Busy Week

Bevin has had a rough few days…she seemed to be doing better after starting the MTX, but as of Tuesday she seemed to regress.  She kept telling me “hurts hurts” and was severely favoring her right leg.  When I asked her what hurt she pointed to her right knee and said “knee”. 

She got her 4th MTX injection last night and today we went in for her labs as it’s been 4 weeks on the MTX.  Her platelets have gone down and are currently in the normal range, but now her red blood cell (RBC) is elevated.  Not extremely elevated, but elevated none the less.  Her Sed Rate results haven’t come thru yet.

This morning my grandpa, Opa, also had to go back to the ER; his third trip in 1 year.  He’s been admitted and put in a room, just waiting to hear what the doctors say.  Let’s just say it’s been a busy week…

On the upside, I took the first load of recyclables in today and the first donation from the Recycle-A-Thon is $37.82!
8 bags of plastic bottles, 1 bag of glass bottles and 1 bag of cans
A homeless person’s fantasy

Bevin’s Arthritis Walk posters from the Arthritis Foundation

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