Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let the Recycling begin!

To help raise money for Run Bubbas Run (Bevin's Arthritis Walk Team) and the Arthritis Foundation we have started a Recycle-A-Thon which a friend of mine has named Bottles for Bevin. 

We have asked local businesses to put recycle bins up and collect recyclables from now until April 30th.  All money collected from the recyclables will be donated to Bevin’s Arthritis Walk Team and go to support the Arthritis Foundation in finding a cure for Arthritis.

So far we have 5 businesses, my son’s preschool and the city hall of the city we live in who have all agreed to let us put bins up.  A friend of mine also got a local wine tasting venue to agree to save all of their bottles.  People in our neighborhood have also started helping, in fact our next door neighbors brought over a whole garbage can full of bottles!

If anyone else would like to participate, please do!  We will be collecting and sorting the recyclables from all the businesses and turning them in ourselves, but if you want to collect them on your own and turn them in you can donate the money online  to Bevin’s walk team at:

Hayden standing in front of the recycle bin at his preschool


  1. what a fantastic Idea! Not only does it help raise money, but spreads the word with that cute little face on the picture. :)How can people not look and read it. Good luck with it all!

  2. Hey Nik, don't forget about clinics, vet offices, even gas stations. I know when I worked for Sacred Heart we did stuff like this all the time for various charities and functions. I love how you have taken a negative and turned it into something positive. I am proud of you :) Good luck in all your endeavors girl. You are one amazing Mama <3