Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Week

Well last night’s MTX injection did not go well…We got her all prepped and when Rich injected it the needle jammed and he couldn’t inject the MTX.  We had to grab a second needle and give her the injection as fast as we could.  It was not a happy night in our house last night.

Last Friday Bevin had more lab work done and her numbers are looking better.  Her platelets have finally come down and are in the normal range.  For whatever reason her Sed Rate wasn’t tested so I’m not sure if that’s come down or not as her knee is still swollen.

I took the second load of recyclables in today as they were already overflowing the garage again (thank you to all the people who have donated their recyclables!).  We had 7 bags of plastic, 3 bags of glass and one HUGE bag of cans getting us a total donation of $50.54 which was GREAT!  The total donations from the recycling are $88.36.

The kids wanted to help with the recyclables

On a side note, I had mentioned last week that my grandpa, Opa, was taken to the hospital.  He was released yesterday, it’s really good to have him home, but he’s still not doing so well.  Opa has COPD and Emphysema; he originally went to the hospital and was diagnosed with it the week Hayden was born.  The day after Opa went to the hospital, Omi (my grandma) was taken to the hospital as well due to a mild heart attack.  They were in two different hospitals, so all week my family and I have been going back and forth across town to check on them (I was at work a total of 12 hours this week).  On Tuesday Omi had an angiogram and they found all of her arties are blocked so she will be having a triple bypass surgery today; she should actually be going into surgery as I type this. 
Hayden with his Opa

Omi, Bevin and my mom


  1. Lots of prayers for Omi and Opa

  2. Praying that everything goes well with the surgery and a speedy recovery!

  3. My daughter was just diagnosed with Polyarticular JIA last Friday. It is always good to hear of other parents and how they deal with this disease. They have started her on MTX injections as well but we are only 1 week in. Hope everything is going well for your daughter

  4. Its great to see you getting through this! My daughter was just diagnosed with S-JRA in January and she just turned 11 months. Its so difficult to see such small children deal with Arthritis. It took 2 months for a diagnoses, an original diagnoses of Kawasaki Syndrome and MANY tests of ALL kind to figure it out. I hope all goes well with your daugther!

    I just started a blog as well: