Friday, March 4, 2011

R.I.P. Opa

On Wednesday March 2nd, my Opa passed away…it was something we knew was coming, but was also very sudden.  My Opa had been sick for some time, but had been holding on.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, he went into the hospital on 02/11/11.  He returned home on 02/17/11 and never really got better.  Last weekend he took a big turn for the worst and on Tuesday, March 1st Hospice came in.  They made him comfortable and after a few doses of morphine he fell asleep at apx 2pm that Tuesday and never really woke up.  He went just before 11am on Wednesday.  He was ready to go and made sure we all knew how much he loved us.  He always told us he wanted to go at home, in his chair and in his sleep.  Thanks to Hospice we were able to make two of those three things happen.  His last sleep was the most peaceful I think he’s slept in a long time and his breathing was calmer than it’s been since I can’t even remember.  He was surrounded by myself, my mom and my aunt when he passed and we didn’t leave his side his last 48 hours.  Sadly my Omi and he never got to say good-bye.  Her ventilator came out on Monday 02/28/11, but by that time Opa was to far gone to go see her at the hospital or even call her and say good-bye.  The last time they saw each other was 02/11/11 when she went to visit him at the hospital (she was admitted to a different hospital the next day).  They were married for 52 years last November.  Unfortunately because my Omi had been in the hospital and on the ventilator she didn’t know how bad Opa had gotten and because we needed her to focus on herself and fight to get better we couldn’t tell her.  Wednesday afternoon after Opa passed we had to go to the hospital and tell my Omi that her husband had died.  He tried so hard to hold on until she came home, but he just couldn’t hold on anymore.

My Opa was truly a great man, I couldn’t ask for a better grandfather.  I was/am extremely close to my grandparents and they are more like a second set of parents to me than grandparents.  It’s hard to believe that he is really gone…I keep hoping this is some horrible dream and I will go to their house and he will call from the back room “Hi sweetie!” as he sat in his chair like always.  My mom and I went to their house Thursday before we went to make his arrangements and their house has never seemed so empty and quiet.  Even thou he was only in the living room (where Hospice put the hospital bed) the last 24 hours of his life, the living room now seems empty without him.  I am very grateful I was able to be with him the last couple days of his life…I just hope at the end he knew my mom, my aunt and I were there with him holding his hands.

He was born in Magdeburg, Germany and escaped to Canada where he met my Omi in late 1957.  In 1963 they moved to Sacramento, CA and have lived here ever since.  He was a typewriter repair man his whole life and opened his own shop where he worked until he retired apx 10 years ago.  He was also an avid golfer…boy did he love to golf.

He leaves behind his wife of 52 years, Anni, daughters Evelyn and Manuela, grandchildren Nicholas, Suzanne and Nicole and great-grandchildren Hayden (his little Dude) and Bevin (his little sweetheart).
I will always remember what he told me the week before he died while I was sitting with him on one of the last good days he had; “I saw a lot of people die when I was young, but I made it this far; I had a good life.  I had a two beautiful daughters who gave me three beautiful grandchildren and a beautiful granddaughter who gave me my two beautiful great-grandchildren.  I’m almost 76 and have had a long life, who could ask for anything more?  Some days could’ve been better and some days could’ve been worse, but overall I’ve had a pretty good life and I couldn’t ask for anything else.  It’s time for me to go.”
He will be greatly missed…

RIP Opa and happy golfing
March 10th, 1935-March 2nd, 2011


  1. Very nice writing, Nicole. Thank you for posting and sharing about your grandfather. I am so sorry for your families loss. If you or your family need anything, please contact someone at the City. We are all ready and able to help in anyway.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Nicole. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers :(