Monday, April 25, 2011

It's been a great day!

This past Saturday one of our neighbors put on a garage sale in support of Bevin…and raised $206.46!  It was such a thoughtful and generous thing to do for our family and I am so grateful!  We also received 2 more $25 donations from family which put us over our $1500 goal (we are at $1521 to be exact)!  I am SO ecstatic!  And there’s still 3 weeks to race day!

I picked up the race shirts on the 22nd, John and crew at Echo Shirts in Sacramento did a great job!  I LOVE how they turned out and can’t wait to see Bevin’s team wearing them in support of Bevin on walk day!

I went down the Arthritis Foundation today to get caught up on where things were with the walk (with everything going on I had to miss the meeting in February and then the last two were cancelled due to so many people not being able to make it) and turn in the cash recycling and garage sale donations and they asked me to think about letting Bevin be the 2012 Arthritis Walk Juvenile Honoree!!!  How exciting!  Of course I told them YES!!! J

About a week and a half ago a girl I went to high school with, Rebecca, contacted me and offered to make (and donate) car window decals for Bevin’s walk team!  Such a great idea and of course I loved it!  On the way to the foundation office I had to run by the house to pick up the donations, etc and saw the mail had come and in it was a priority envelope from Becca.  In 11 days she had made and cut 55 car window decals for us to sell for “donations” to Bevin’s walk team!  I brought them with me to show to the foundation and they loved them as well.  I can’t wait to get the decal on my rear car window tomorrow morning!

I am so honored at all the support we have gotten for Bevin, it really means so much to me and my family.

This coming Saturday we are ordering the GSP/Shields UFC fight and having a support Bevin event…the last fundraising event before the walk.  I will still be collecting recyclables until bank day.  I have to say, I’ve loved the support we’ve gotten for the recycle drive and I plan to do it every year to raise money for the walk, but let me say it is a DIRTY job!  And once the race is over I would be happy to never see another recyclable until next year when I start the recycle drive up again! J

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