Monday, May 16, 2011

The walk is over...this year's anyway

This past Saturday, May 14th, was the Arthritis Walk; 27 people/kids showed up to support Bevin on the morning of!  I couldn’t believe that many people showed up!  Even our neighbors that lived behind us in our previous house came out!  It meant so much to me to have so many people give up a few hours (and get up really early) on their Saturday to support our daughter.  As of Saturday morning we had raised $2,914 and we were the number 6 fundraising team (we had been in 7th place for awhile, but the tutus, water bottles, T-shirts, etc pulled us into 7th).  We even got a team booth, which I didn’t know we were getting until the day of…next year I will come prepared to decorate! J

The walk had a pretty good turn out, I don’t know what the final registration count was, but the week before we had apx 450 registered.  The event itself raised $150,542!  It was a little hectic, but overall I think it was pretty good.  The event had a huge turnout of volunteers between Wal-Mart and Kohls.  There was a photographer who took team photos, which was great because I completely forgot to have someone take a team picture with my camera.

I hope to have a more active role in next year’s event. I had really planned on volunteering more, etc at this event, but with everything that happened with my grandparents it just wasn’t possible.  So I hope I can make that happen next year.  And Bevin will be the 2012 Sacramento Arthritis Walk’s Juvenile Honoree!

Tonight is our Chili’s Night at the Chili’s in Roseville on Eureka Road.  You can still support Bevin by going between 11am-10pm, bringing the flyer (below) and giving it to your server.  Chili’s will donate 15% of all the sales we bring in to Bevin and the Arthritis Walk.
And now for some walk pictures…

The California State Capitol where the 2011 walk was held
One of the FEW smiling pictures we got of her that day
Rich, John and Krista

Brian and Joy

Heidi and Mike

She cried thru all the announcements

Brittany and Hayden dancing during the warm-up

And were off…
Jen, Brandon and Ryan came out from our neighborhood to support Bevin

Bevin’s “Hero Board”…althou I kind of gave the foundation the wrong age…she was actually diagnosed at 19 months and started MTX at 21 months…opps!

Thank you SO much to those who came out and supported Bevin on Saturday as well as those who donated to our cause.  We appreciate it SO much!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


With a week and a half left till walk day I thought I should give an update on how our fundraising is going.

As I mentioned in previous posts our original team goal was $500…as of today we are at $2012 and counting!!  $332.88 of that is just from recycling!!!

We have a few fundraisers going on so if you’ve wanted to help out, but weren’t sure how here’s some ways you can (and get something out of it!):

1.      Pampered Chef:
My cousin is a Pampered Chef consultant and is hosting an online “show”; a portion of all proceeds from the show will go towards Bevin’s walk team.  Any items you order will be shipped directly to you, so it doesn’t matter if you live near us, or across the country.  You can get yourself something new for the kitchen and support a great cause!  Here is the link to the online show:

2.      Run Bubbas Run Team Items:
·         Team T-shirt
If you like our team T-shirts, you can purchase one for $10!  All proceeds from the shirts will go towards our walk team.  We have kids and adult sizes.  You can order the shirts by going to:

·         Team Car Decal:
These decals were donated by someone I went to high school with and they are a GREAT fundraising tool!  They are easy to apply or remove from your car window and show everyone you support Bevin!  They are $5 each and can be ordered at:

3.      Tutus:
From now until May 13th, all proceeds from tutu’s ordered from my website will go to support Team Run Bubbas Run, the tutus range from $15-$30 (depending on the length) and are great for any little girl!  They can be purchased at:

I also make a Bevin Tutu (green, pink and orange) which I call my JRA tutu, this tutu is $25 and proceeds from this tutu go towards the Arthritis Foundation all year long!  You can order this tutu at:

4.      Arthritis Foundation Item:
Want a wristband to show you support the Arthritis Foundation?  You can purchase one for $5 (all proceeds support Bevin's walk team), we have both kid and adult sizes (kid sizes are a little big for most kids, but work better for woman than the adult size).  You can purchase these by going to:

5.      Direct Team Donation:
And you can always go to our team page and make a donation; all donations go to support the Arthritis Foundation in finding a cure for Arthritis.  Hopefully one day kids like Bevin will not have to live with this disease:

We appreciate all the support we have gotten and are continuing to receive!