Thursday, June 2, 2011

We’re going to Washington, D.C. Baby!

It’s official; we received a scholarship to attend the 2011 JA Conference in Washington, D.C.!  I received the “official” notice yesterday morning and couldn’t be more excited!

We received a full scholarship which will cover airfare, hotel (for 3 nights), conference registration, money towards meals and ground transportation for all four of us!

I am so appreciative of the support our local Arthritis Foundation office has given us and am honored they picked our family to go!

We are planning to arrive a few days before the conference so we can turn this into a mini family vacation (how often do you get someone else to pay your airfare for a family of 4??).  I went to D.C. when I was a junior in high school on our annual band trip, but Rich has never been, so he is really excited.  We won’t get to do as much as we could if we didn’t have the kids with us or they were older (how much sightseeing can a 4 and 2 year old really handle), but we will squeeze in as much as we can!

The conference provides a Child & Teen program which is organized by age group and is medically supervised.  This program allows the parents to drop the kids off (both your child with JRA as well as any siblings) and attend the Parent Breakout Sessions.  I will also get a chance to meet some of the other parents I have been networking with via our blogs and Facebook.

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I definitely have some updating to do, so hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to sit down and update everyone with what’s been happening!


  1. Nicole!!! That is so awesome! I'm so happy for all of you. You have worked so hard and are so deserving of this! I can't wait to hear about your trip! Congrats again :)

  2. That's really great news, congratulations! All your dedication and hard work has paid off. I hope you learn a lot at the conference.

  3. You are going to have such a great time!!! The conference is amazing! We're going, too! Maybe see ya' there :)