Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Victor and Crystal Rodriguez

So I know this is off topic for this blog, but I wanted to share this story with everyone.

On June 4th of this year a local couple, Victor and Crystal, were married and headed to the Bahamas for their honeymoon.  On the last day of their honeymoon, they decided to go parasailing…due to faulty equipment, the harness broke and they both fell (some articles say 40-50 feet others say over 250 feet into the water, I don’t know which is accurate).  Crystal died and Victor sustained numerous internal injuries…neither had insurance.  They were married for 12 days.

I don’t personally know Victor and never got the chance to meet Crystal, but my sister-in-law played softball with them.  When this tragedy happened, their friends, family and community pulled together and started raising funds to get Victor home (as of today he is back in California thanks to a large donation from the Greater Sacramento New Car Dealers Association who paid for the Medevac to get him back to Sacramento).

My husband and I got the chance to participate this past weekend in the Crystal Rodriguez Memorial Tournament (Arena Softball) where 100s of people and 30 softball teams came together to participate and help raise money.  I was so amazed at all the people that showed up to support them.  People volunteered their time (working at the arena) and efforts to make this tournament possible.  And I don’t know the exact total raised, but last I heard it was over $20,000…in two days.

There are all kinds of fundraisers planned between local restaurants, a basketball tournament, a garage sale and more to continue to raise funds for Victor’s medical care.

After the support we received when Bevin was diagnosed and we started the walk team, I was amazed and to see this family receiving this overwhelming amount of support amazes me even more.

I am honored to be able to participate in these events and meet the people who know and love Crystal and Victor.  Their story is tragic and amazing all at the same time.

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  1. I know this is late, but thanks for showing up to help my brother with his hospital bills. It still means a lot to us to know how much people cared about this.