Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bevin getting a shot

10 months into giving Bevin her shots I finally took the time to get a video of it.

Some “shot nights” are better than others, this one was nowhere near the worse, but we’ve had better.   Overall she handles it pretty well…


  1. What a brave girl you are Bevin! My daughter is now 15 and she was diagnosed with JRA/JIA 18 months ago. I was looking around on the PINTEREST website and saw your blog. I am so grateful to have found you. Since my daughters diagnosis, we have felt alone and a little lost as to where to turn for support here in Utah. Nicole, I have the same worries and concerns that you do. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Today we don't feel so alone anymore.

  2. Bless her heart. My son is 13 and was just diagnosed about 2 months ago. I am hoping that it gets a little easier as far as the shots--- right now we are in a hard place. Last week he had injections in his ankles, hips and knees. We don't really see any vast improvement yet.

    Your daughter is a dollbaby!!!!