Thursday, September 22, 2011

An overdue update

So I just realized it’s been over a month since I have updated anything…wow…can I just say it’s been really hectic lately and of course the blog was the last thing from my mind.

Currently Bevin is doing well and the meds are maintaining the JA.  About a month ago she had a bad couple of weeks; she was starting to fall a lot again, complaining of an upset stomach and bruising…a LOT.

But we ran updated labs and she saw her pediatrician and a few days later it was like the bad days had never happened.  So for that I’m thankful and hope it stays like that for while.

Northern California Kaiser is officially getting the new Pediatric Rheumatologist…FINALLY (the previous one retired in January of this year).  Dr. Elizabeth Shaw will be starting in the Sacramento area in October (or so the Oakland facility has told me).

I’m looking forward to meeting Dr. Shaw and seeing what she says about Bevin.  Currently we’ve been seeing her pediatrician, who I absolutely love and has on more than one occasion offered to refer us to an out of network Peds Rheumatologist (which means a drive to the Bay) if that would make me feel more comfortable, but I’m more than comfortable with the pediatrician for the time being and can wait until the Peds Rheumatologist is officially here.

Other updates:
Hayden (Bevin’s older brother) had a birthday and is now FIVE!  Yup, I have a five year old…I’m not sure how that happened…he also started kindergarten and so far he LOVES it.

Hayden on his first day of Kindergarten
Hayden had a birthday party with Sacramento Valley Steamers and the kids got to ride the train over and over

Sacramento Arthritis Foundation held its first annual JA Family Day on September 10th at the Sacramento Zoo.  We were able to meet other local JA families and a JA Family friend drove up from the Bay to attend as well.  Here’s some pictures:
Bevin and Esella, our Bay area JA Friend, like Bevin, Esella is two and has JA
Hayden made friends with a reporter from the Sac Bee who kindly let him play with her camera.
The kids in the blue have JA, the kids in the yellow are their biggest supporters/fans (their siblings)
Me, Katie (Esella’s mom), Bevin and Esella-our new friends and trusted confidants
Esella helping Bevin with her new bracelets
There were three giveaways, one for a JA kid, one for a JA sibling and one for a JA parent…well we took the cake…Hayden won the JA sibling raffle-a $50 Target giftcard, he got a camera…and I won the JA parent raffle, the book Raising a Child with Arthritis-A Parents Guide and a $50 dinner giftcard…I already had the book so we passed it on to another JA family, but we kept the dinner giftcard…I could use a night out J