Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Sacramento Arthritis Walk

Since the walk was held last Saturday (May 5th), I thought it was time I updated everyone with pictures, the video of us on stage and our fundraising total.

This year we raised $4851!!!!  That’s over $1500 more than we raised last year!  A huge thank you and heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of those who helped up reach that amount.

As most of you know we collect recyclables and cash them in towards our fundraising for the walk team.  This year’s recycling total was $668.64 which was almost $300 more than last year!

Here is Bevin’s stage debut (please excuse my sun glasses, I HATE public speaking and by keeping them on I didn’t have to make eye contact J)

And here’s pictures of our big day!

The 2012 team Run Bubbas Run-This year 30 people came out to support Bevin!

Bevin and family

Bevin and Slamson (from the Sacramento Kings)

Beautiful Milly

Hayden supporting his little sister

Bevin and John (she wouldn’t share her nachos)

Bev, mommy (me), Krista, Brittany and Milly

Leo and Krista

Hayden getting a boost from Trent

Bev and her friend Jilly-Jilly goes to daycare with Bevin and Jilly’s family not only joined our walk team to walk with us and support Bevin, but they raised $455!

Me and Brittany (and baby Luke)
A HUGE thank you to all those who came out to support Bevin on the 5th and those who donated and helped us raise money!


  1. Great blog! I enjoy looking at the pictures.
    Walk is also helpful for arthritis. Thank you.

  2. Would it be okay if I used some of these photos to put on the Arthritis Walk booth at the JA Conference?
    Rachel Gilmore

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  4. Interesting facts and more interest me with those photos you have included here. It is a must that everyone must know about this cause because it may help not only friends but also family and love ones. good one.

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