Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A bump in the road

So as most of you can see I haven’t posted in awhile…when I started this blog my goal was to post at least two posts a month…considering my last post was over a month ago, I haven’t done to well at keeping that goal. 

For any of you that have been following the blog I’m sure you remember reading about what happened with my grandparents last year.  They went to the hospital a day apart in February, my Omi ended up needing a triple bypass that didn’t go well (she flat lined twice) and ended up on a ventilator.  Opa was sent home because they couldn’t do anything for him (he had COPD).  On February 28th they pulled the ventilator out of Omi, on March 1st we call hospice in for Opa (it was also Omi’s birthday) and on March 2nd, 8 days short of his 76th birthday, Opa died.  Omi ended up in a rehab hospital for awhile and didn’t come home until early May, but ultimately recovered from the surgery.

Well the reason I’ve been keeping to myself lately is because almost two months ago Omi was diagnosed with colon cancer…and yesterday we found out it has spread to her liver.  With her heart problems and the fact that it’s spread she isn’t a candidate for surgery (to remove the colon cancer) and removing the colon cancer doesn’t help the liver cancer…

She was referred to an oncologist yesterday so we’re waiting for that appointment and to see where we go from here and what her options are…

I just felt like I should explain why I’ve been so out of the loop.  The walk is in less than a month, Bevin is the honoree and I’ve been pretty MIA.  I had a goal to do more fundraising and promoting this year, especially with Bev being the juvenile honoree, but as you can see, my priorities have been elsewhere lately.