Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We're in Remission!!!

I keep meaning to get on here an update everyone with how Bev has been doing, but frankly, life happens and I slack off.  The last year has been pretty busy with us and I just haven’t had a lot of time.

But the good news that I have to share is that BEVIN IS IN REMISSION!!!!

As of Thursday May 23rd she had her last MTX shot for hopefully a really long time! J  She is currently medication free and has no active arthritis!  We took her off the Naproxen back in August and in December because she had no active arthritis while on the medication we decided to start weaning the medication.

Bev after her getting her labs done, prior to her appointment
Bev’s SED rate is the LOWEST it’s been since she was diagnosed!!!!
Getting checked out by Dr. Radhakrishna at her appointment on May 23rd
“I’m in remission!”
Bev getting her last shot

So for now we are medication free with no active arthritis!  We still have to get her eyes checked regularly and see Dr. Radhakrishna every 3-6 months to make sure that she remains that way, but she is a happy girl and we are excited!! 


  1. Go Bev GO!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  2. Yay!!!!! Congratulations to you all!!! I sure hope it stays that way!

  3. Best News Ever!!!! Here's hoping for endless pain free days ahead!

  4. Good to hear that she is away from Arthritis. Live Happily and Enjoy the life.

  5. Wow, this made me cry. Way to go, Bevin! My daughter was recently diagnosed with JRA and I want you to know that your blog has helped me so much. I appreciate you putting your story out to help other families. Congratulations!!

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