Friday, February 28, 2014

Three month Check-Up

Yesterday we had our 3 month follow-up/check-up since we’ve been back on the MTX.  Overall I’d say Bev’s been doing well, no side effects from the meds, althou she has NOT handled having to start the injections again well.  When we got her labs last week, all her numbers were normal, which was great to see!

Everything looked good, except her knees still have some fluid in them.  When we started back on the MTX we went straight to .4, but she could be up to .7 based on her weight.  So we’re going to go up to .5 for about 6-12 weeks and see if that helps (and how she handles it) and then if it doesn’t help and she handles it well, we will go to .6 and see if we can get this fluid to go away.

Dr. R mentioned knee injections, but he would like to avoid those if possible.  Plus Bev has always done well on the MTX so far so we are going to go as far as we can on that until it proves it isn’t helping her anymore.

The one thing that has always been difficult with Bev is that whether her knees are swollen or not or they have fluid or not…that girl never complains.  Dr. R was moving her knees every which way possible and Bev was staring off into lala land just smiling away.  Dr. R was asking her if that hurt her and her response “nope”.  Even he was surprised that she wasn’t phased by any of it.  I definitely think that is the difference when you have JA since you were a baby/toddler and you are diagnosed with it as a kid/older child.  When you’ve had it since you were a baby/toddler I don’t think you know anything different; it’s like low level pain is just the every day norm so it’s just not even painful anymore.  So when she does complain, I know it must be bad.

BTW, Miss Bev had a 5th birthday on Monday of this week, so our little JA hero is now the BIG 5 years old!!!

Esella and Bevin, our little JA heroes, celebrating Bev’s 5th birthday