Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 Juvenile Arthritis Conference in Keystone, CO

Another year and another JA Conference!  This is our FOURTH conference year (DC, St. Louis, Anaheim and now Colorado)!  This year the conference was held at the Keystone Resort in Colorado!

It is BEAUTIFUL there and they have SO much to do!  I will definitely have to look into a family vacation there down the road!

For whatever crazy reason we drove there…17 ½ hours…yes you read that correctly.  We left Wednesday morning at 5:30am and made it to Grand Junction, CO at 9pm (their time; they’re an hour ahead of us Californians).

Then we got up bright and early and finished our trek to Keystone!

The view from our condo

We checked-in for the conference and got ready for the opening night dinner which had a theme of “80s Night”!!!

Then of course the next day we got to start the conference and all the breakout sessions and of course it was the 4th of July!  So that night after listening to all of the awesome speakers we got to relax at the resort and watch the fireworks show (and we had some AWESOME Philly Cheesesteak pizza from a local place called Jersey Boys Pizza and Deli).
The girls having their dessert and waiting for the fireworks to start!

The next day there were more sessions and the awards were handed out.  Three of my FAVORITE JA moms (Katy, Colleen and Tina) all got to host/lead sessions/roundtables, so of course I went to cheer them on.

We took a quick break at lunch time and I took the kids snowtubing for a bit…yes there was snow in the summer.

And then Saturday night was “Hoedown Night”; so again we got on our theme attire and went down to the stables to get our BBQ and dancing on!!!
Me and Katy

 Bev giving her Bestie Bridget a HUGE hug!
Me and the awesome Jen Ziegler! 
And the great group photo they took!

Sunday morning was the JBR/Walk Expo and there were 10 families asked to host tables to show fun and different ways they have been successful at fundraising and yours truly was asked to host a table.  Althou thanks to Tina I have officially been dubbed the “Garbage Lady” after a breakout session from Saturday morning. 
Our awesome recycling table!
Tina-The other “Garbage Lady”
 Everyone’s JA Mom Hero!!!  Colleen Ryan
 And we even got to see Santa due to Kate Kuhns awesome Fundraising idea for JBR!

After the JBR/Walk Expo we got in the car and started the trek back to Cal-I-Forn-I-A…

We hit a FREAK hail storm in Utah


The after sitting in HORRIBLE traffic due to a gravel truck overturning and having to back track thru Carson City we FINALLY made it back to California!!!!

It was another GREAT year and next year the conference heads to…


  1. 17 1/2 hours! Wow! Thankfully we were able to fly since we made the trek from NC. Based on your pictures, I think we were in the same session that was set up like "Speed dating". It was my favorite session of the conference. Are you planning on attending in 2015?

    1. Hi Leah-Yeah it was a very long drive...surprisingly the kids were WAY better in the car then when we got out of the car! :)

      We were in that session. It was one of my favorites as well. I like the sessions like that, they're a little more personal.

      We are going to try to go to the 2015 conference, we haven't missed a conference in 4 years, so fingers crossed we will be there. We shall see.

      Will you guys be going?

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