Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Active Arthritis

So we went in for Bev’s check up with Dr. Radhakrishna at the end of November, her first in person check-up in six months…and wouldn’t ya know it, he found swelling in her knees.  And oddly enough the left knee was more swollen then the right knee (her right knee has always been her prominent joint).  So, 2 days short of being 6 months in remission she officially came out of remission and got a brand new RX for Naproxen, MTX and a WHOLE box of syringes.

December 5th Bev got her first injection in 6 months…needless to say it did not go too well.  Getting to go 6 months with no weekly shots and then having to start back up is NOT good news to a 4 years old.  I think she’s having a tougher time with her injections this time around then before.

We are now almost 2 months back on MTX and Naproxen…she has been complaining here and there that her legs hurt, which is not something she has done in the past.

She also officially has psoriasis and now has a RANGE of creams for that due to an excessive rash (in the worst of places) that will not go away and tons of spots that she keeps getting on her arms.

Not even 5 years old yet and she can fill her own medicine cabinet…